Survey reveals which one of Taylor Swift’s “Eras” fans are most interested in seeing

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With Taylor Swift kicking off her sold-out Eras Tour this Friday, a new survey looked into which “Era” of Taylor’s career people are most interested in hearing songs from — and the answer is the one that started in — or should we say with — 1989.

Morning Consult released a study looking into the demographics and attitudes of Taylor’s fans, and found that people who describe themselves as “avid fans” overwhelmingly picked 1989 as their favorite album of hers, as did U.S. adults in general. Her self-titled debut album came in second place among avid fans, with Fearless in the number two spot among U.S. adults.

The market research company questioned approximately 2,204 adults in the U.S. between March 3 and March 5 to gather its results. The survey also revealed that while 53% of U.S. adults like Taylor, only 16% would call themselves “avid fans,” and less than half of those “avid fans” consider themselves “Swifties,” indicating an unwillingness to be associated with her fan army.

The survey also found that 52 percent of Taylor fans are women, while the remaining 48 percent identify as male.

And what’s the driving force behind their intense admiration for Taylor? Her music was the biggest factor, with 73 percent saying they love Taylor because of her songs. 50% say they’re fans because of her performances and music videos, while 42% like her because they feel she’s relatable.

And if you’re going to see Taylor for the first time on the Eras tour, don’t assume that the audiences will be full of little kids. The survey found that 45% of Taylor fans are millennials; just 21% are Gen X, and 23% are baby boomers.

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