People are coming after the Oscars photographer Lady Gaga helped on the red carpet


Lady Gaga made headlines for helping a photographer who fell on the red carpet, but now that photographer is being lambasted online.

Page Six reports a clip of the incident that was taken at another angle surfaced online, and fans took issue with how the photographer seemingly thanked the pop star.

After she helps the unidentified man to his feet, he’s seen briefly patting her waist before rushing out of her way. Online critics are tearing into his actions, saying the photographer touched Lady Gaga without her consent. Some are also saying his hand placement was inappropriate, because the video makes it appear he’s touching her lower waist, closer to her hip.

Some of Gaga’s fans suggest the singer appeared to look down in disgust as it was happening.

However, not everyone is coming after the photographer. There are people defending the man’s actions, arguing he didn’t do it on purpose. Others are chalking it up to an awkward interaction.

Gaga has referenced the encounter by joking about someone else taking a tumble at the Oscars. “No one knows she’s my best friend and we both had back to back red carpet falls,” she wrote.

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