Lizzo wasn’t feeling “Good as Hell” about jury duty: “I am actually really stressed about it”


Lizzo did her civic duty. The singer was summoned for jury duty and made sure she looked “Good as Hell” for the court, even though she wasn’t feeling it.

Lizzo updated fans on TikTok about her brief career change as a prospective member of the jury.

“I’m not excited by jury duty,” the singer admitted after telling fans not to judge her. Lizzo added, “I am actually really stressed about it ’cause, like, I just heard people getting like … really gruesome, like violent, cases.”

The singer said she has “a really sensitive mind,” so she was not looking forward to potentially hearing such details. “I will cry,” she confessed.

Lizzo glammed up with makeup and hair before showing off her “chill” outfit. “It’s giving law-abiding citizen,” she cracked before saluting with, “‘Murica.” She ultimately decided that outfit wasn’t it and dressed more casually with sweatpants.

Lizzo updated fans a few hours later, writing in all capital letters, “I got released from jury duty yall I wonder why tho.”

She also shared a photo of her flashing the peace sign outside the jury assembly room.

While being a celebrity may get one out of sitting through a trial as an impartial member of the court, that doesn’t exempt one from being summoned. All American citizens over the age of 18 are eligible for jury duty.

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