Ed Sheeran gets into a car wreck, plunges off a cliff in “Eyes Closed” teaser

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Fans only have to wait one more day to hear the first single off Ed Sheeran‘s upcoming new album. “Eyes Closed” and its music video arrive Friday at 12 a.m. ET.

To hype fans up for the release, Ed shared another teaser of the music video. Previously, Ed said the video personifies grief and sadness as a big, blue monster that grows in size until it’s the only thing he sees. 

This new clip, however, takes an unexpected and scary turn. 

“I’ve told the story of the blue monster but now you’ll get to see him in action,” Ed said. “Enjoy.”

The clip starts with Ed driving along a roadway that hugs a beachside cliff before another vehicle comes out of nowhere and collides with the side of his car. The force is strong enough to not only knock him out, it sends his vehicle tumbling over the cliff and into the ocean below.

Ed remains unconscious as his car sinks into the sea and fills with water. The clip ends with Ed’s fluttering eyes about to open.

“Eyes Closed” comes out Friday, March 24.

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