Shawn Mendes says he’s “in my rock star era”

Tristar Media/Getty Images

Shawn Mendes is embarking on a brand new chapter.

While chatting with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger for Evening Standard about what rock stars look like and how music legends serve as fashion icons, the singer described himself as “in my rock star era.”

Shawn reflected on his own style evolution. “I’ve been famous since I was young, and it’s a funny thing to ask a 17-year-old to be stylish, because they’re 17 and they’re trying to figure out who they are,” he said. 

Shawn added, “There was a time where I refused to wear anything that wasn’t a flannel [shirt] and moccasins. It’s definitely gotten a lot, a lot more fashionable.”

The singer also suggested being a celebrity is more difficult nowadays. Why? He says it’s due to a lack of privacy thanks to the rise of smartphones.

“In the ’70s and ’80s, the photos you saw of celebrities were more scarce. Nowadays, everything is so volatile. Because there’s phones, there can be a photo or a video of you at any minute in the day, and it changes the perception of you. It can change everything,” he said.

“If you pick your nose, and you’re wearing a weird shirt, the perception is that you wear weird shirts and pick your nose. The next day, you’re on a red carpet and in an amazing suit and, like, that’s that … It’s really hot and cold,” Shawn continued.

The singer admitted he does feel pressure to look good all the time, adding “it’s super stressful.” He keeps his attire simple “because therefore it’s hard to mess up.”

Shawn stars in the brand’s new Tommy X Shawn Classics Reborn campaign, which is a capsule collection of sustainable clothing.

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