Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is here … but which of her albums is America’s favorite?


Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour celebrates every single one of her albums, but which one is America’s favorite?

FiveThirtyEight dissected several polls from YouGov and Morning Consult to figure that out — and found that each poll yielded a different result.

For example, YouGov found most respondents liked Lover, followed by 1989. There was a tie for third between Taylor Swift and Red. Their least favorite picks were folklore and evermore, with 4 percent of the vote. 

The YouGov poll did not include “Taylor’s Version” options.

In comparison, one Morning Consult poll of just adults discovered 1989 and the original version of Fearless were tied as respondents’ top picks, while Taylor Swift finished second and Red, not the “Taylor’s Version,” was third. The least favorite album, with 1 percent of the vote, was folklore.

A different Morning Consult poll that talked to Taylor’s “avid fans” had a different lineup of favorites. In first place was 1989, with 15 percent of the vote, followed by Taylor Swift in second, while the original Fearless, not the “Taylor’s Version,” finished in third place. In last place was evermore, which polled at 3 percent.

The Morning Consult poll included the “Taylor’s Version” of Red and Fearless.

FiveThirtyEight suggests this can be seen as a good lesson about polls, because while each of the three mentioned above asked the same question, they procured different results. This could be boiled down to the age and music tastes of those who responded to the poll.

It also notes that including “Taylor’s Version” in the Morning Consult polls may have further shifted the overall findings.  

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