New doc reveals even praise from Elton John can’t boost Lewis Capaldi’s confidence

Alexandra Gavillet

Lewis Capaldi has topped charts all over the world, sold several million copies of his debut album and won a bunch of awards, but he still can’t shake his imposter syndrome — even after Elton John himself sent him an email telling him how great he is.

Rolling Stone reports that in Lewis’ upcoming Netflix documentary Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now, the Scottish singer reveals that he told his pal Ed Sheeran that he doesn’t feel like he deserves his success. The next day, he says, Elton John emailed him and ordered him to stop feeling like that.

In the documentary, Lewis reads the email from Elton: “’Dear Lewis, I was talking to Ed yesterday and we were talking about you. He said you were feeling a bit like an imposter. BOLLOCKS!'” 

That’s British for “B.S.” by the way.

The email from Elton continued, “You’re totally your own man and your album is still rising all over the world. And it’s your first album. You write beautiful songs that resonate with millions of people. You’re great live and a wonderful singer … You are also very funny and original. I mean this sincerely.”

“Stop it now please, or I’ll come out to [where you live] and bring out the latent homo in you,” Elton concluded, signing the email, “Buckets of love.”

But in the film, the “Someone You Loved” singer admits that Elton’s note didn’t help.

“It’s nice to hear this stuff but I obviously still feel a bit like an imposter,” he says in the film, according to Rolling Stone. “I don’t think it’s ever gonna go away. “

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now starts streaming April 5 on Netflix.

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