Sam Smith on how their dog taught them to love, and how their getting ready to hit the road

Jo Hale/Getty Images

Sam Smith is still looking for a partner, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have love in their life. In fact, Sam is very much in love…with his dog, Velma.

“She taught me how to love,” Smith tells ET Canada. “I really feel like I don’t think I loved anyone before Velma.”

When it comes to their actual love life, Sam has had some trouble going on dating apps, noting, that they’ve been “chucked off” both Tinder and Hinge. Sam explained that because they didn’t verify their profile, Hinge “thought I wasn’t me.” But if Sam ever does go back on, they say, “I’d just be silly,” explaining that their profile would include things like “Loves Velma. Loves McDonald’s.” 

In the meantime, Sam’s Gloria The Tour kicks off April 12 in Sheffield, England, and they’ve been in the gym getting ready for it. Apparently, however, they’re not working out too hard. When asked what they’ve been doing in the gym, Sam jokingly replied, “moaning, hating every second, doing the bare minimum, looking in the mirror, dancing.”

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