Zara Larsson’s “confident” hit “Can’t Tame Her” may have been “subconsciously” inspired by Miley

Jack Bridgland

Zara Larsson‘s new era starts with “Can’t Tame Her,” the first single from her upcoming third album. The title, and the song’s subject — a woman who does what she wants — are reminiscent of Miley Cyrus‘ 2010 hit “Can’t Be Tamed,” and Zara thinks Miley may have influenced the song “subconsciously.”

“I mean, it’s definitely the same topic,” Zara tells ABC Audio about the two songs. “She’s such a cool girl who has always been herself and she’s always been out here kind of doing her thing. So I guess indirectly, I would say, yeah.”

“We didn’t really speak about it when we wrote the song, but just her being who she is and being so huge and influential, it wouldn’t be weird if she was subconsciously in the back of my mind,” she adds.

But Miley influence or not, Zara says the vibe of the song was perfect for her next chapter.

“I like the feeling I get when I listen to it and when I sing it,” she tells ABC Audio .”It’s a song about a girl being very confident…she’s not letting anybody tell her what to do. I felt like it was a really nice way to start off the era…and I kind of want to have that energy for the rest of this album — hopefully for the rest of my life!”

But Zara reveals that “Can’t Tame Her” isn’t really representative of the whole album.

“I feel like this project…is quite dynamic and it goes a little bit here and it goes a little bit there,” the Swedish singer explains. “So I would say sonically, the rest of it won’t really be in the same kind of box as ‘Can’t Tame Her.’ But I just really like the confidence, and how it felt.” 

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