“He did what?”: Meghan Trainor’s TMI about husband strikes again


 It’s a fact: Meghan Trainor has no filter when it comes to her personal life. But her latest revelation might just make you forget her now-legendary “side-by-side toilets” story.

Speaking to People, the singer, who’s pregnant with her second child, reveals that during her first pregnancy, her husband Daryl Sabara shaved her legs when her belly got too big for her do it herself.  And he didn’t stop at her legs.

“He shaved everything,” Trainor tells People. “For the C-section [with my son Riley], I don’t know why, but I was like, ‘I want a clear path. I want nothing in the way, so make sure it’s gorgeous down there,’ so they could see everything. And he did that for me.”

And after Meghan had that C-section, she says, she had to wear diapers — so guess who changed them, and picked up her dirty underwear?

As Meghan notes, “Some husbands, some couples we talk to, they’re like, ‘He did what?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, how else would I get them up?’ I don’t get it. I’m like, ‘How do people survive without a Daryl?'”

Meghan says she’s now reached the point in her second pregnancy where she “can’t see…can’t reach…can’t bend,” but, she boasts that Daryl will “do anything for me…when I have to get up to pee, I say, ‘Push,’ and Daryl rolls me off [the bed].”

Despite those challenges, Meghan — whose book about pregnancy, birth and motherhood, Dear Future Mama arrives on April 25 — can’t wait to have more kids.

“I’m the best version of me. Each kid’s going to bring a new version of me that I think is going to be bada** — so I need four, at least!”

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