Kelly Clarkson and Troye Sivan mock-fight over misheard lyric in her new song “Mine”


Did Kelly Clarkson call out Troye Sivan in her new song “Mine”? No – but it sure sounds like she did.

The Australian pop star and actor posted a recent TikTok where he asks, “What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” and then plays a snippet of Kelly performing her new song “Mine.” At one point, it sounds like she’s singing, “Troye Sivan/ Who the hell do you think you are?”

The actual lyric is “Sabotage, your choice of art/ Who the hell do you think you are?” – with the “choice of art” part sounding very similar to “Troye Sivan.”

Still, Troye was ready to throw down, captioning the video, “@kellyclarkson drop your location im ready to fight.”

Kelly enjoyed the joke. She posted Troye’s TikTok on Instagram and responded, “Troye Sivan, you know what you did!”

A fan in the comments wrote, “Well now you have to have him on your show to hash this out!” Another fan admitted, “I will always hear it that way now.” Another agreed, “I cannot un hear this now!”

And of course, one fan wrote, “We need the collab!!!”

Troye seems to be really enjoying the word mix-up. On another TikTok, he isolated the part where Kelly sings “Your choice of art”: It sounds like she’s saying “You’re Troye Sivan.” 

He laughed, “Imagine I make this, like, my theme song, where every time I walk out somewhere, they have to play this!”

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