Watch Post Malone interview astronauts in honor of Earth Day

Don Arnold/WireImage

When you think of NASA and outer space, the first person you think of is Post Malone, right? Yeah, we don’t either, but still, Posty got to interview some NASA astronauts who are living on the International Space Station in honor of Earth Day, which Saturday, April 22.

“Station, this is Posty, can you hear me?” the rapper asked astronauts Steve Bowen and Woody Hoburg. He then introduced himself using his birth name, Austin, and said it was an honor to talk to them.

“I’d imagine you guys, up there, have the most baller view in the universe,” he said.

“We have a super special planet and getting to see it every day from this perspective really drives that home,” said Hoburg. He added, “Being up here, the vantage point is just incredible. Every day, looking out and seeing that incredible horizon and our big blue marble, it’s such a special place.”

“You realize what an incredible civilization as whole [we have] that allows us to be able to do this,” Bowen noted.

Hoburg praised Posty for his interviewing skills, and wished him and his fans the best.

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