Meghan Trainor “sorry” for remark about teachers


Meghan Trainor apologized on Sunday for a recent comment she made about teachers on her and her brother Ryan‘s Workin’ It Out podcast.

A discussion about failures in the education system in the U.S. included a conversation about mass shootings in schools and concerns about teachers and potential bullies.

“F*** teachers,” Meghan said at one point, leading to social media backlash.

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter took to her TikTok on Sunday apologize, saying in a video message, “Teachers of TikTok and teachers of the world, I recently said ‘F teachers’ on the podcast and it’s not how I feel. I was fired up because we were talking about how sending your kid to school here in America is so horrific.”

Meghan stressed that she “did not mean [to say that about] all teachers. I love teachers, I fight for teachers. I think they have the hardest job and they are the most underpaid. They are the most unappreciated when they literally raise all of us. I don’t want to make excuses, I just want to [say] I am so sorry.”

“I am so sorry to any teachers I made feel bad and I will remind myself that my words definitely could have a consequence and I will be more careful,” she added.

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