Man holding “Free Billie Eilish” sign arrested after climbing KTLA-TV tower

Terence Patrick/CBS

We bet Billie Eilish wishes she could be free of fans doing weird, illegal things in her name.

On Tuesday night, a man holding a “Free Billie Eilish” sign climbed the KTLA-TV tower in Hollywood and sat there playing a guitar for several hours.  KTLA reports that the man climbed the 162-foot tower late in the afternoon.  Sunset Boulevard was shut down as authorities surrounded the tower and tried to talk him down.

It’s not clear what the man thought Billie should be “freed” from. According to KTLA, the other side of his sign referenced a dark web conspiracy theory about cloning and the Illuminati.

The man finally descended at 9:30 p.m. on an LAFD ladder, and was arrested for trespassing. He’s expected to undergo a mental health evaluation.

In January, Billie was forced to request a restraining order against a man who allegedly broke into her childhood home in Los Angeles.  In 2020, she had to get a restraining order against another man who’d repeatedly appeared at her home in LA.

In other Billie Eilish news, she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night — the host’s final week — and reminisced about making her TV debut on the show six years ago.  She recalled that Corden was “the first celebrity I’d ever been up close to.” 

In her chat with Corden, Billie said she loved acting in the current Prime Video series from Donald GloverSwarm, because Glover is “my all-time hero.” 

Of her upcoming Lollapalooza headlining gig, she noted, “I love playing festivals…it might not be all your fans or your crowd and so I feel like I have to prove something in a way that makes me feel better…like I’m working harder and putting more effort into it.”


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