Want Harry Styles’ couch from ‘Harry’s House’? An exact replica will cost you $5,000


Some Harry Styles fans might have looked at the cover of his Grammy-winning album Harry’s House and decided they’d like to buy the blouse he’s wearing. But two designers in Portland, Oregon, looked at the album cover and decided they simply had to recreate the vintage couch that’s parked on the ceiling — and they did.

Portland Monthly reports that Helen Louise Helfand, a woodworker, and Leland Duck, an upholsterer, often collaborate on designs. They’re also Harry fans. They searched for information about the orangey-brown vintage piece, but came up empty, so they recreated it from scratch.

They worked with local metal manufacturers to create the powder-coated, bent-steel tubing that makes the couch’s frame. Then they used foam to create cushions that were “going to be comfortable and that you could sit on for a while,” and ordered “every single burnt-orange velvet that we could get our hands on” to match Harry’s model.

The result — a dead ringer for Harry’s couch — is now available via YourHouseCouch.com. There are only 500 units, each of which sells for $4,995 and is individually numbered. A portion of the proceeds go to a charity called Crafting the Future, a nonprofit that helps fund and lower access barriers to artists and craftspeople of color.

Helfand and Duck tell Portland Monthly that in addition to wanting to create a locally produced, stylish piece of furniture, their other goal in making the couch was to meet Harry. That hasn’t happened yet, but they’ll be sure to put a couch aside for Harry in case he ever finds himself in Portland.


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