Zara Larsson says it’d be “magical” if “Can’t Tame Her” empowers women

ABC/Lou Rocco

In “Can’t Tame Her,” Zara Larsson sings about a girl with “magic energy” who “runs her own world” and can’t be “tied down.” It sounds like the perfect female empowerment anthem, at a time when women’s rights are being infringed upon in some countries. So, did Zara mean it to be taken that way? No, but she thinks it’s “magical” if it is.

“I mean, everybody who knows me outside of music [knows] that I’m a huge feminist and I feel like it’s really important to talk about,” she tells ABC Audio.

“I’ve always said that I would love my songs to incorporate some more of my personal beliefs and opinions. So if this song can kind of serve [to give] women out there [the] feeling like they can take [on] the fight in any way, that’s absolutely magical to me!”

In 2021, the Swedish singer proved her feminist bona fides when she teamed up with Ikea to perform a concert on International Women’s Day celebrating female empowerment. Part of that partnership included a digital game to spark conversation about inequality in the home.

“Maybe … I’ll start doing more songs with that in mind,” Zara muses.

As for “Can’t Tame Her,” the first song of her new era, she notes, “For me, it was just like a song about a girl being free, which I think that in itself is something political, you know?”


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