Why Orlando Boom and Katy Perry always make sure they’re “OK”

Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been engaged since 2019, but just because they haven’t gotten married yet doesn’t mean they’re any less serious about their relationship.

On Instagram, Katy posted a photo of herself and Orlando, all dressed up for an event. In the caption, she wrote, “Orlando and I’s initials are O.K. We continuously put in the work to make sure they aren’t K.O. Find yourself a partner that will go down to the mat with you and get back up every time. I love you my fighter @orlandobloom.”

Orlando replied, “I love you and our love bombs. wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Apparently, someone then informed Orlando that the expression “love bombing” is negative: It’s a form of psychological and emotional abuse in which someone tries to manipulate you into having a relationship with them. Orlando quickly corrected his mistake, writing, “O.K there’s a K.O for ya! I just learned what love bomb is.”

Added a crying/laughing emoji, he admitted, “Daddy can’t keep up with you kids.”

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