Watch Camila Cabello in the new campaign for Olipop “functional soda”

Park Pictures and The Mill Los Angeles

In 2022, Camila Cabello — along with the Jonas Brothers — became an investor in Olipop, a brand of “functional,” good-for-you soda that includes fiber, prebiotics, botanicals and way, way less sugar than regular soda. Now, Camila is starring in the company’s new ad campaign.

If you visit the company’s website, you can see the ad, which features Camila hanging out and having fun with her family and her dogs — hugging, eating, dancing, singing and more. 

“Success is always measured by the big stuff,” she says in a voice-over. “But we forget that it’s the little stuff that really makes us.” The tagline on the video is “Real Love Makes Us.”

On Instagram, Camila said of filming the spot, “This was such a fun shoot day, my family had the most fun and my grandparents are stars. drinkolipop and I are so excited to celebrate the little moments, because these are the ones that really matter.”

Camila’s favorite flavors of the soda are Strawberry Vanilla and Vintage Cola, but it’s also available in Tropical Punch, Classic Grape, Orange Squeeze, Classic Root Beer and Cherry Vanilla.

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