Harry Styles’ “Satellite” video is an adorable yet heartbreaking robot love story

Columbia Records

In his new single “Satellite,” Harry Styles sings, “I can see you’re lonely down there/ Don’t you know that I am right here?” Those lines appear to have inspired the new video for the song, in which two lonely robots long for a love connection.

In the clip, Harry leaves the backstage area of an arena and takes the stage for a concert. Backstage, a Roomba-like robot vacuum is sucking up dirt when it notices a TV report on Curiosity, the Mars Rover that was launched in 2011 and landed on the red planet in August 2012. 

The report states that the Rover has been up there alone for the past 10 years. The vacuum lifts its head, looks at Curiosity, and decides to go on a mission of its own.

As Harry performs, the vacuum slowly makes its way out of the arena and begins a long journey, traveling through rain and snow, water and desert, up hill and down, all in an attempt to find a place where it can connect with Curiosity.

Finally, it comes to rest in the grass where Harry happens to be lying, stretched out and looking at the sky. It runs out of batteries and dies … just as we see where the robot’s traveled to: a NASA building with a rocket launch pad right outside.

The video was directed by Aube Perrie, who also did the hilarious video for Harry’s “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.

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