Restaurant owner who called out James Corden for rudeness is now slamming Adele

Terence Patrick/CBS

 Last year, Keith McNally, the owner of the New York City restaurant Balthazar, made headlines by publicly accusing James Corden of mistreating his staff. Corden apologized, and McNally accepted his apology. But McNally is back to criticizing Corden, and this time, he’s dragging Adele into the conversation.

On Instagram, McNally posted stills of Corden’s final Carpool Karaoke segment, which starred Adele. “Despite finding them slightly cringe-inducing, I’ve always loved James Corden’s carpool karaoke,” he wrote in the caption. “Last week was Corden’s final carpool and his most cringe-inducing.”

He continued, “His guest was his ‘great’ friend Adele whose make-up was so hideously overdone and fingernails so long she resembled a particularly scary Cruella de Vil.”

He then accused Corden and Adele of being “profoundly inauthentic,” adding, “It was sickening. At one point, Adele theatrically broke down on camera. It was Complete, f****** SCHLOCK. And of course James Corden – The King of Insincerity Himself – went along with it. It was the biggest pile of HORSE S*** I’ve seen in 40 years.”

In the comments, fans were split on agreeing that the emotion Corden and Adele displayed in the episode seemed fake, taking McNally to task for criticizing Adele’s makeup and nails, and defending McNally’s right to comment on her makeup and nails.  

One fan pointed out that Adele’s long nails are currently “on trend,” while an outraged fan declared, “Keep Adele’s name out of your mouth.”

Another commenter summed up the whole situation by writing, “Why waste the 21 minutes of your life watching it if u already know they’re not ‘your cup of tea?’ U seem obsessed with him after his most recent visit to your restaurant. You nailed him good for that, and probably well deserved, but why keep dragging?”

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