Lizzo apologizes to Montreal fans after canceling show


Lizzo apologized to fans Thursday after canceling her Montreal show due to illness.

In an Instagram video where she was seen laying down under a blanket and wearing a mask, the singer shared, “Montreal, I had a sore throat last night and a headache when I went to bed. And I woke up this morning and it was worse and my body is weak, and I have chills and my head hurts.”

She added, “And normally if it’s just a cold, I would shower, I would eat, take some medicine and get better, but this is getting worse. I think it’s the flu and I have to make the unfortunate decision to cancel today.”

Lizzo said it was the second time she’s ever had to cancel a show in her entire career due to a health issue, and promised to reschedule.

She had been set to perform at the Bell Centre for her Lizzo: The Special Tour. Her next scheduled show is Saturday in Hartford, Connecticut, but it’s not yet known if she will postpone that date too.

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