Miley Cyrus clarifies her comments about touring: “It isn’t what’s best for me NOW”

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus isn’t ruling out touring forever, but she’s definitely taking a break from it right now.

In a post on Instagram Wednesday addressing comments she made to British Vogue about having “no desire” to tour because there’s “no connection,” Miley first makes clear that she feels connected to her fans now more than ever — even without live shows.

“Performing for YOU has been some of the best days of my life & we will continue this journey together as we have for the last almost two decades,” she writes. “This has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for the fans & everything to do with I simply don’t want to get ready in a locker room. Which is the reality of life on the road.”

“I just don’t want to sleep on a moving bus,” she continues. “It isn’t what’s best for me NOW, & if you’ve been following my career you know that I always change and the way i feel about that could too.”

She concludes with a reference to her latest album title, writing, “Love you forever, I’m just on my Endless Summer Vacation.”

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