With her new tour, Bebe Rexha wants fans to literally have the “best f*n night of their lives”


Bebe Rexha‘s Best F*n Night of My Life tour — named after her smash hit “I’m Good (Blue)” — kicks off Wednesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Bebe says she’s going to make sure the tour lives up to its name by bringing all her musical eras together in one “fun” show.

Throughout her career, Bebe’s recorded pop, dance and country songs, and her new album, BEBE, takes its musical cue from 1970s disco and rock. Bebe says she plans to show all those sides of herself in the tour.

“A lot of times I used to, like, run away from like all the different genres and stuff, and now I feel like it’s so much more fun,” Bebe tells ABC Audio. “Because I want to take everybody on this journey of, y’know … all the songs that have been successful, country songs, I want to do a dance segment, I want to do a little medley of some of the older songs and then, of course, the newer stuff.”

She explains, “For me, it’s taking the new stuff that I’m doing, in the world that I’m living in, and it’s, like, ‘How can I insert this era that I’m in, but then also insert all of the other eras?’ It’s called the Best F*n Night of My Life tour … I just want to make it a fun show.”

For Bebe, “fun” is the key world.

“I just want people to come and just have a good time and I want them to sing along and dance and be happy,” she says. “I want to just give that feeling of, like, when I used to go and watch my favorite artists. I want to give that feeling to my fans.” 

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