Olivia Rodrigo says she “doesn’t know” if she’s single, but wants to meet her husband “now”

Théo de Gueltzl for Vogue

Olivia Rodrigo‘s love life is always the subject of speculation, but she says she gets it, because she did it too.

“It’s an interesting thing to think about,” she tells Vogue about fans dissecting her lyrics for clues about her romantic relationships. “I understand it. I could sit here and be like, ‘I don’t get why people do that,’ but do it so often.”  

In the magazine’s August cover story, Olivia doesn’t spill any details. Asked if she’s single, she “makes a so-so gesture with her hand,” the interviewer writes, “and says cheerfully, ‘I don’t know!'” She adds, “I don’t kiss and tell.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, the 20-year-old star tells Vogue, “I want to meet my husband now!” and adds, “I’m so excited to experience motherhood one of these days. I think about it all the time.”

Oliva also compares what her life is like now, ahead of the release of her new album GUTS, with what it was like after she released SOUR and became one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

“I would hang out with my friends every single night and have a sleepover, or I’d cling to a boyfriend, anything to not process what was actually happening in my life,” she says. When she started writing the new album, it was different. “I’m not going on 17, going through my first heartbreak, crying, with words just pouring out of me,” she explains.

In fact, Olivia says the girl who released SOUR “feels like a different person.”

“I look back at her and I think, ‘Aw. She did well,'” she says. “I think she’d be really happy with who she is.”

The new issue hits newsstands on July 18.

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