Harry Styles invites Ukrainian tennis star to concert as his guest, gets hit in the face onstage

Courtesy Live Nation

It was good news, bad news and then good news again for Ukrainian tennis star Elina Svitolina over the weekend.

After winning her match at Wimbledon on Friday, July 7, she was thrilled — but also upset because staying in the competition meant she couldn’t travel to Vienna, Austria, on Saturday, July 8, to see Harry Styles in concert. 

On the official Wimbledon Instagram account, her post reads, “Hey guys!! I was supposed to go to see my fav @harrystyles concert in Vienna tomorrow. But Wimbledon changed my plans. Someone want to go? I have two tickets.”

Harry then came to the rescue, with an open invitation for her to drop by and see him at a different concert.

“Congratulations! We have four shows to go, you’re welcome at any of them. Good luck with the rest of the tournament. H,” he commented on the post.

Svitolina is due to play Tuesday, July 11, and if she keeps on advancing, she’ll be playing through the weekend.  However, win or lose, she could still go see Harry on the 18th in Portugal or July 22 in Italy.

Meanwhile, during the Vienna show that Svitolina missed, Billboard reports Harry was hit in the face by some sort of object thrown by an audience member. In fan-shot video, the singer is seen being hit, wincing, bending over, covering his eye and then walking offstage.

Even before the recent spate of singers being hit by objects thrown by fans, Harry was a frequent target: Last year, he was hit in the groin by something, and he’s had chicken nuggets and Skittles thrown at him, too.

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