Liam Payne reveals he spent nearly 100 days in rehab: “I was in bad shape”

Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images

Liam Payne is turning over a new leaf.

The One Direction member posted a video to YouTube on July 9 in which he detailed his journey to sobriety. He said he’s been on the wagon for nearly six months after spending almost 100 days in rehab in Louisiana.

Liam, 29, said, “I just feel like I’ve got more of a handle on it. I just needed to take a little bit of time out for myself actually because I kind of became somebody who I didn’t really recognize anymore. And I’m sure you guys didn’t either.”

“I was in bad shape up until that point,” he admitted. And even after rehab, he wasn’t entirely sober. It was during a concert in Dubai in January, he said, that he had an “a-ha” moment that made him stop drinking.

“I watching this beautiful symphony, I was having a drink, and I thought, ‘You know what, this isn’t really serving me at all, I don’t really need this right now,'” Liam said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever put a drink down and gone to someone else, ‘You finish this, I don’t need this right now.’ And I haven’t picked one up since.”

“It’s good to be in this position,” he added. “I definitely don’t need those things anymore. The party’s over.”

Liam also addressed the notorious 2022 interview in which he dissed ZAYN and his other bandmates.

“A lot of what I said came from the wrong place,” he said. “I was so angry at what was going on around me and instead of taking a look inwards I decided to look outwards at everybody else and I just think I took it out on everybody else, which is just wrong, really.”


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