“About to go to jail in Norway”: Lil Nas X stopped by police for riding scooter through tunnel

Venla Shalin/Redferns

Lil Nas X had a brush with the law Monday in Oslo, Norway.

The newspaper Dagbladet reports that police in that city temporarily closed down a tunnel because four Americans were riding scooters through it.  “There were four Americans who got lost in the tunnel,” a police spokesperson told the paper. “They tried to get out but couldn’t. We then sent two police patrols, guided them out and onto the quay at the harbor.”

The police didn’t identify one of the four Americans as the “Industry Baby” rapper, but it published photos from his Instagram Story which seemed to document the encounter. In one photo, Nas is standing in a tunnel with a scooter lying down next to him, with the caption “About to go to jail in Norway.”

Another photo shows him in the tunnel looking distressed, with a police car in the background. The next photo shows him posing happily with two smiling police officers, with the caption, “Nvm they f*** wit my music.”

The rapper is in Norway to perform at a festival in the town of Tønsberg Wednesday night.

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