Camila Cabello’s ‘Breathe Into It Series’ on Calm is now available on Spotify

ABC/Image Group LA

If you’ve ever wanted to access Camila Cabello‘s mindfulness series Breathe Into It on the meditation app Calm, but didn’t feel like paying for it, here’s some good news.

As Billboard reports, if you’re on Spotify, you can now access all the episodes of Camila’s series on that platform, without having to subscribe to Calm. It’s part of a new partnership in which 11 of the meditation app’s shows will now be accessible on Spotify.

All 13 episodes of Breathe Into It document how Camila uses meditation to deal with her anxiety and other issues. You can also now access Calm for Sleep, which features a number of narrations designed to send you off to dreamland — like “Dream with Me,” narrated by Harry Styles

Calm for Kids, Calm for Stress & Anxiety, Calm for Meditation, Calm for Beginners and episodes of Daily Mindfulness are also now available on Spotify.

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