Ed Sheeran misses 6-year-old’s birthday party, but showers him with gifts

ABC/Paula Lobo

Ed Sheeran loves to surprise his fans, and one of his recent surprises has completely made the day, week, year and life of a young boy named Ren.

Ren’s mom, Alex, has been posting on TikTok for weeks about how her son, who was about to turn 6, is obsessed with Ed. He requested that she throw him an Ed Sheeran-themed birthday party, complete with Ed Sheeran-themed decorations.

Alex said she was distressed because Ren asked her to invite Ed to the party, and when she went along with it and said she would, he became convinced Ed would actually show up.

Fans rallied around Alex and Ren, tagging Ed and sharing her video in an attempt to get his attention. Finally, it happened: Alex was contacted by Ed’s team. They told her Ed couldn’t attend the party because he’s on tour, but wanted to send a birthday gift.

This week, Alex posted a video of Ren opening the gift from Ed. The haul included a T-shirt, guitar, microphone, notebook and a signed copy of Ed’s latest album, Subtract, along with a card.

Ren was speechless, but eventually started singing along to his favorite Ed songs with his new microphone.

“This has got to be one of the best experiences of our entire lives!” Alex wrote. “My mama heart has been bursting with joy and gratitude…i was just so freaking excited for Ren I couldn’t help it!! You know Ren is genuinely happy when he goes kind of quiet like this, I love him so much.”

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