‘Barbie’ star Ryan Gosing offers his guitar to BTS member Jimin for his “Ken-ergy”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Before the Barbie movie opens, star Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, apparently wants to head off any criticism about one of the outfits he wears in the film.

The official Barbie movie Twitter account posted a video of Gosling apologizing for supposedly stealing the look worn by BTS member Jimin in one of their most popular videos.

“Hi, Jimin. It’s Ryan Gosling here,” he says. “I noticed that your ‘Permission to Dance’ outfit was the same as my Ken outfit in the upcoming movie Barbie.” 

The outfit in question is a black Western-style shirt with white fringe, which Jimin wears throughout the clip for the hit song. Gosling wears the same shirt in the Barbie film.

“I have to give it to you — you wore it first, you definitely wore it best and there’s an unspoken Ken code that if you bite another Ken’s style, you have to give them your most prized possession,” Gosling continues. “So, I hope you’ll accept Ken’s guitar as my humble offering.” 

He holds up the black-and-white guitar that he plays in the movie and adds, “Besides, Ken doesn’t really play anyway, so it’ll be much better in your hands.”  

People points out another member of BTS once got a surprise guitar from a fellow star: in 2021 Coldplay‘s Chris Martin gave his guitar to Jin after he and BTS recorded “My Universe” together.

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