will.i.am on new Britney Spears collab “Mind Your Business”: “I see how much she loves music”

“Mind Your Business,” a new song from Britney Spears and her longtime collaborator will.i.am, arrives this Friday, July 21. The Black Eyed Peas frontman says the song addresses privacy for both celebrities and regular folks.

Speaking to CBS Mornings, will explained, “When you’re in the spotlight, a lot of times you just want to live your life and there’s lyrics in the song that point to that; not just for people that are in the spotlight…everyone deserves their version of privacy. [That] is what ‘Mind Your Business’ is.”

Will said that he feels that music is therapy for Britney, noting, “When you have that connection with music and rhythm and song and melody and harmony and you express yourself through that, it helps you with anything that you’re going through. I see that every time I see her dance on her Instagram, I light up because I see how much she loves music.”

Describing what it’s like to be with her in the studio, will said, “When you’re in the studio and you’re making music, that’s the only thing that matters [to her]. So I see the same light, the same joy, the same love and passion.” He added that Britney is “an amazing person.”

Britney and will.i.am have been working together since 2011, when they collaborated on a track for her Femme Fatale album. Their joint 2012 hit, “Scream & Shout,” was Britney’s last top 10 hit before her collab with Elton John, “Hold Me Closer,” returned her to the upper reaches of the chart last year.

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