ZAYN casts a self-described “deranged fan girl” as his costar in “Love Like This” music video

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Zayn Malik superfan got to live out her wildest dreams.

Grace Dumdaw, who stars in ZAYN’s music video for “Love Like This” released a TikTok that details how she went from simply being a fangirl to acting alongside her childhood crush.

“POV you went from being a deranged fan girl at age 15…to being Zayn’s lead love interest in his MV and getting posted on his IG,” Dumdaw wrote on TikTok.

Dumdaw also inserted several of her tweets from 2014 into the video, which showed off just how big of a fan she is.

“Our mere mortal eyes are unworthy of seeing the true glistening beauty of Zayn Mailk,” one of the tweets read.

Other tweets showed the extent of her fandom, with Dumdaw writing, “If I ever meet someone as beautiful as Zayn Malik I’d just break down crying” and “I would kill my family to touch Zayn Mailk.”

In the TikTok’s caption, Dumdaw explained that she did not have to audition to appear in the music video.

“fun fact, I didn’t even audition for this. the directors had been keeping an eye on me & reached out directly,” Dumdaw wrote. “you never know who’s watching – dream big, work hard & put yourself out there.”

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