Post Malone says having a baby has changed him: “I never want to leave my house”

Courtesy Apple Music

Post Malone and his fiancee welcomed a baby daughter just over a year ago, and he says it’s definitely changed his life for the better — even though he really could use some sleep.

“The schedule just keeps getting fuller. And now that I’m a dad, the schedule only got more full,” he tells Apple Music 1‘s Zane Lowe. “And now that releasing new music, schedule gets fuller and fuller and fuller … I’m definitely more tired. I was always tired before, but now I’m more tired!”

But Posty, whose new album, Austin, drops Friday, is saving a lot of time by not running around like he used to.

“I guess having a baby really put a lot into perspective and it’s really slowed me down a lot, party wise, going out and being crazy,” he admits. “But it’s the most beautiful thing..I really love hanging out with my baby, hanging out with [my] lady, playing video games, and in my garage working on projects. That’s what I love to do.”

“This is significantly better,” he explains. “There used to be a time, especially at the beginning of our relationship, that I would just disappear and just go for a week … but now I don’t.”

Post says making the change to his rock star lifestyle has been “surprisingly easy” — because, he explains, “This is the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do.”

“I’m a homebody. I never want to leave my house,” he adds. “I never want to leave the property, and I just want to play games and watch TV and hang with the family.”

Posty’s ‘If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying tour continues July 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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