Ryan Gosling gets his first ‘Billboard’ Hot 100 song with ‘Barbie’ hit “I’m Just Ken”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Barbie may be everything, but Ken is having his own moment.

Ryan Gosling just scored his first-ever Billboard Hot 100 song for the ballad “I’m Just Ken,” which he performs in a showstopping scene in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

The hit song, which also features Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen on guitar, has reached #87 on the chart.

“I’m just Ken / Anywhere else I’d be a ten,” Gosling sings, before he asks in refrain throughout the bridge, “Can you feel the Kenergy? Feels so real, my Kenergy.”

While better known for his dramatic film roles, Gosling got his start as an original member of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, the 1989 revival of The Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Channel, where he performed sketch comedy and sang covers of popular songs.

“At a certain point I had thought I had left that kid behind, and I realized that I needed his help to make this movie,” Gosling told Entertainment Weekly in July. “So I had to go back and make peace with him and ask for his help. It was good for me.”

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