Fan persuades pilot to fly over Taylor Swift concert, doesn’t realize stadium has a roof

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A Southwest Airlines passenger who persuaded the pilot to fly over one of Taylor Swift’s concerts in Inglewood, California, was left seriously disappointed by the experience.

The fan, Samantha Meany, documented her request in a TikTok that shows her approaching the cockpit during a layover in her flight and asking the pilot if the plane would be flying over Inglewood. If so, she asks, could they fly over SoFi Stadium, where one of Taylor’s six shows at the venue was taking place?

“I’d think that would be super cool if we fly over it,” added Samantha, who also shared that she wasn’t able to get tickets and that it was her birthday the next day.  The pilot was down with the idea and even let Samantha sit in his seat for a photo op.

But while Samantha was likely inspired by fans who’d posted TikToks of awe-inspiring aerial views of stadiums lit up with fans, she had to post a follow-up TikTok revealing the whole thing was a total bust.

“I did not know that the stadium was covered,” she said. “So yes, we did fly directly over it, and I was like, ‘Ohh shoot, there’s a roof.'” 

“All we really got to see of the concert was all of the traffic that was waiting to pick up the people, I guess, that was about to end,” she continued, showing the photo of the concert from the air.

Meany later told Insider that she’d been a Swiftie for “pretty much her whole music career” but a birthday trip to Hawaii for her and her friend was “less expensive than ONE ticket for her concert!”

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