Olivia Rodrigo says pressure of making ‘GUTS’ felt “insurmountable”

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If your debut album turned you into a global superstar and won you some Grammys, you’d feel like you needed to do as well or better with your second album, right? That’s how Olivia Rodrigo was feeling when she was making her upcoming album GUTS.

Speaking on the U.K.’s Hits Radio Breakfast show, Olivia revealed, “Making this album definitely had its ups and downs. And there were some days where I’m just like, ‘Wow, the pressure is just insurmountable. I just feel, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.’ And other days where it was really fun and [I] had a great time.”

She continued, “The most important thing, it sounds like so cheesy and cliché, but I just wanted to make an album that I really liked and felt really proud of.”

GUTS will be out September 8. The first single, “vampire,” has already hit #1, but despite her documented love for Twilight, Olivia says that the movie franchise didn’t inspire the song.

“I love, like, the concept of a vampire. And it’s, like, such a cool word to me,” she said. “And so I had that title written … under my ‘Title List’ section of my phone for a while. And I just was sitting at the piano one day, and I started playing those chords.” 

Also in the interview, Olivia owned up to her crush on 73-year-old rock legend Bruce Springsteen, explaining, “I think he’s very cute and a very great musician.” However, she admitted to being confused when Springsteen performed at the Glastonbury Festival.

“When he comes onstage, everyone’s like ‘Broooooooce!'” she laughed. “And at first, I thought everyone was booing him! I looked around like, ‘Guys, be nice! What’s going on? Show him some respect!’ But they were just saying ‘Bruce!'”

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