Backstreet Boys “super-duper excited” for ‘Backstreet’s Back At The Beach’ concert vacation event

Backstreet Boys and their fans will celebrate their 30th anniversary by taking over the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico from April 18-21, 2024 for their Backstreet’s Back At The Beach concert vacation weekend. They’ve done fan cruises for years, but Backstreet’s Brian Littrell explains why they’re switching to a destination event.

“We just wanted everybody to be able to get together. We have fans from all around the globe … so why not pick one spot?” Brian tells ABC Audio. “Y’know, it’s Cancun, Mexico! Who wouldn’t want to come to Cancun and have two concerts with the Backstreet Boys? [It’s] four nights, we’ve got special guests … we’re just super-duper excited about it!”

At the all-inclusive event, fans will enjoy beach volleyball with Nick Carter, karaoke with AJ McLean, a DJ set by Kevin Richardson, a food tasting with Howie Dorough and a variety show starring Brian’s family.

Plus, they’ll get two full Backstreet concerts, including one where they pick the set list. As for how the group will handle requested songs that they either hate or don’t remember, Brian says they’ve agreed that “it should be as true and as real as possible.” 

“We wanted it to be super special for the fans … so even if we don’t want to sing them, we still gotta sing them!” he laughs.

Can’t make it to Cancun? There are plenty more Backstreet activities in the works.

“We’re actually all getting together this weekend for Howie’s birthday,” Brian reveals. “I’m sure we’re going to have some meetings and talk about…2024, talk about 2025.”

“There’s hints of us possibly going back to Vegas, but there’s also a lot of want around the world for new music and a new tour,” he adds. “And we’re just excited to keep the ball rolling!”

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