Sam Smith makes acting debut in Max’s ‘And Just Like That’

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Back in February, Sam Smith posted a photo on Instagram of themselves emerging from a trailer on the set of And Just Like That, the Max sequel to Sex and the City. In May, their appearance on the show was confirmed in an EW article. Now, the episode in which they appear is finally streaming.

In the episode, Kristin Davis‘ Charlotte, who’s returned to work after years as a stay-at-home mom, is seen at work at the fictional Kasabian Gallery. In a clip of the scene posted on artist Alex Israel‘s Instagram, she shows a painting by Israel to Sam, who is playing themselves, dressed in light blue and wearing platform boots. With them is their real-life friend, designer Jeffrey C. Williams.

“This Alex Israel,” Charlotte says, “it has the pop sensibility that we talked about. And, like you, he uses his identity in his art.” 

“I really like it,” says Sam. “Yeah, I love it.”

Charlotte sells him the painting for $100,000, then gets drunk with her colleagues.

Fans didn’t seem to think much of Sam’s appearance. One viewer called it, “Utterly pointless and cringe, frankly.” “#samsmith was an unnecessary cameo,” wrote another. “Y’all won’t say it but I will. Sam Smith looked crazy as hell,” wrote another.  

“When you think it can’t get any worse,” read another comment.

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