“In the Stars” singer Benson Boone says when he realized he could sing, “It was like a movie”

After breaking through in 2021 with his hit “Ghost Town,” Benson Boone now has a global hit on his hands with “In the Stars,” inspired by the death of his beloved great-grandmother. Benson’s vocal performance on the song is so emotional that you may be surprised to learn that he’s only been singing for a few years.

Benson, who’s 21, only discovered he could sing during his senior year in high school. He told ABC Audio, “I had played the piano for a couple of years. I just never tried singing. And my friend wanted me to be in like our little Battle of the Bands competition and just play the piano.”

“At the last minute, our singer just got sick and couldn’t perform, so it was left to me,” he added. “And I just tried it and it went really well. It was like a movie! Like, at the performance, we were so nervous and I thought it was going to go so bad … and it just clicked and everything was great, and we ended up winning!”

Looking back on it, Benson is surprised he made it to senior year without being aware that he had this ability.

“I don’t know how I didn’t know that I could sing!” he said. “Like, I think about it all the time. My parents didn’t even know. No one knew. But now it’s like, right away, it seemed such a big part of me that I don’t know what I was thinking, like, years before that. I don’t know where it came from.”

The video for “In the Stars,” which originally appeared on his 2022 EP Walk Me Home…, includes footage of the concerts that Benson’s done in Europe and North America in 2023.  He followed that up with a recently concluded tour of Asia.

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