Selena Gomez prepares for a breakup in her new song “Single Soon”


Selena Gomez just dropped her new track, “Single Soon,” and it’s not your average breakup song.

Over the catchy upbeat tune, which was released at midnight Friday, Selena excitedly sings about how she can’t wait to hop back into the single life, but first, she must figure out how to ditch the guy.

“Should I do it on the phone?/ Should I leave a little note/ In the pocket of his coat?” she sings in the opening verse. “Maybe I’ll just disappear/ I don’t wanna see a tear/ And the weekend’s almost here.”

Later, in the chorus, she’s ready to move on, singing, “I’m picking out this dress / Trying on these shoes / ‘Cause I’ll be single soon / I’ll be single soon.”

The music video, which was also released at midnight, begins with Selena opting to leave a note for her lover on the table that reads, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” — a reference to Sex and the City and the note Jack Berger wrote Carrie Bradshaw in the show. Cut to the pop star getting all dolled up to meet her girls for a night out on the town complete with drinks, dancing, and a dip in the pool before a sleepover.

“Single Soon” is available to stream now. 

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