Ariana Grande promises ‘Yours Truly’-themed makeup: “It’s coming”


 In addition to all the extra video and music content she’s releasing, Ariana Grande is tying her R.E.M. Beauty line into the 10th anniversary celebration of her debut album, Yours Truly.

During a Q&A posted on TikTok on August 28, Ariana answered the fan question, “Are we going to have products from R.E.M. Beauty inspired by this album?” The answer is yes.

“Would I not?” Ariana replied. She continued, “I know you’re very annoyed with me and my little makeup, but it’s coming. There’s more.”

Ariana was seemingly referring to the fact that some fans would prefer she spend more time on her music.

She added, “It’s really cute. It’s very Yours Truly-inspired and pink and girly and sweet. It’s very pretty.”  No word yet on when it’ll be available.

Speaking of “pink and girly and sweet,” during the Q&A, Ariana also explained why she changed the original cover of Yours Truly, which showed her kneeling on a bed of roses, wearing a pink dress against a pink background.

“Well, it’s horrible,” Ariana said, then corrected herself. “Not horrible [but] … you were right. You guys got very angry when you saw it. I was very sad about that, and I changed it.”

“You were right, but you’re not always right. Your bullying has been consistent for the past 10 years,” she added. “You hated it. You were like, ‘This is f****** ugly, mom, change it.’ So I did.”

She then said dramatically, “Sometimes it works. Sometimes it leaves me with wounds that make me question everything I’ve done since.”

“Just kidding,” she added.

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