Ed Sheeran’s Starbucks shift angers the union: “Straight up embarrassing”

ABC/Paula Lobo

At every stop on his Mathematics tour, Ed Sheeran has been popping into a local business and working behind the counter — from a hot dog joint in Chicago, to a Lego store in Bloomington, Minnesota, to a cheesesteak place in Philadelphia. But his most recent stunt — working at a Starbucks in Seattle — didn’t sit well with the members of the Starbucks union.

The union’s social media account posted a photo of Ed serving up Pumpkin Spice Lattes at the Starbucks on August 25 and wrote, “Ed Sheeran working a shift at a Starbucks store in Seattle that faced massive union-busting is straight up embarrassing.”

“Not to mention almost every ‘worker’ you see in that photo wearing a green apron is management, not baristas,” the thread continued. “AND, meanwhile, workers at the Starbucks store down the street were drowning because they were grossly understaffed due to hour cuts.”

“@edsheeran DO BETTER,” the thread concluded.

A rep from Starbucks told the website delish that the store where Ed was working isn’t represented by the union and there’s no active petition there. Starbucks also noted that the store’s schedule wasn’t changed to accommodate Ed, and several Starbucks employees said it was their “favorite day ever.”

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