Dominic Fike cut out all vices — including his phone — to be a better live performer

Bethany Vargas

If you saw Dominic Fike on his current tour, you got a much better version of him than the one that hit the road on his first one.

Speaking to Apple Music 1 host Travis Mills in a video debuted by People, Dominic explains that back on his first tour, he “would show up to rehearsals … come through and be like, ‘Alright man let’s get f****** through this. Here, play the bass, I’ll do this, whatever.'”

“But then towards the end, it started to wear on me … I didn’t care as much as everyone else. With this tour, starting with Coachella, I made sure that I was leading it,” he says. He notes, “Something hit. ‘We’re all here because of me. I’m also paying everyone to be here. I should be as involved as I can and make sure it’s really special.'”

“And that translated to this incredible live show we did at Coachella, and I’m riding off that high right now with that focus and that intention,” he adds. “That’s how I’m moving for the rest of my life.”

“I had to get sober to do it as well,” Dom admits, saying he cut out “cigarettes, sex, drugs, alcohol” and stopped using his phone “at the dinner table.” He also makes sure he’s in top physical shape, explaining, “I have a trainer that comes on with me and we make sure that everyday I’m 100% ready.”

Dom’s Apple Music Live performance will debut Wednesday, September 6, at 10 p.m. ET via and Apple TV+. He’s currently touring Europe.

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