How Lawrence went from Jonas Brothers collaborators to Jonas Brothers opening act

Deanie Chen

If you’re wondering where Jonas Brothers found Lawrence, the opening act for their current tour, just look at the credits on their current album.

JoBros’ The Album was produced by Jon Bellion, who’s also been working with Lawrence for years — so he recruited several Lawrence members to contribute to it.

“We did some writing and producing and playing of different instruments and singing on that album,” the group’s Clyde Lawrence tells ABC Audio. “So then the conversation about us going on tour with them arose sort of organically out of that.”

While making the album, Clyde says Nick, Joe and Kevin “made a couple comments that made it clear that they were aware of and supportive of the band.”  Landing the opening slot, he adds, is “obviously the ultimate sign of support from them.”

Lawrence is best known for their song “Don’t Lose Sight,” and the group’s Gracie Lawrence says as they’ve been playing it the JoBros tour, she can literally see fans light up with recognition.

“I think people are familiar with the song, maybe more than they’re familiar with what we look like,” she explains. “So you can see, as the song’s going on, people kinda turn to their friends and be like, ‘Oh, I know this song!’ … so that’s a fun moment to watch.”

And many JoBros fans have now let Lawrence know via social media that they’re their new favorite band.

“The absolute best comment that we can get from someone at one of these shows is “‘ hadn’t heard of you before and now I have,'” Clyde says. “We’re so appreciative of the really solid fan base that we have … but certainly, a primary goal of this particular tour is to go out and try to get some new ones too.”

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