Britney Spears happy her “iconic” Pepsi ad will re-air during the MTV VMAs


Remember back in the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s when some of the biggest music stars in the world starred in Pepsi commercials? Pepsi is bringing them back for this year’s MTV VMAs.

To celebrate its 125 anniversary, Pepsi has rereleased some of its most famous ads. Versions two of them — Britney Spears‘ “Joy of Cola” spot from 2001 and Madonna‘s 1989 “Like A Prayer” commercial — will air during the VMAs on September 12.

In a statement to People, Britney says, “It’s exciting to see Pepsi celebrating our ‘Joy Of Cola’ spot as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations. This was such an iconic music video-styled spot that we shot 20 years ago, and [it] still resonates so much with fans. [I’m] excited to watch the spot re-air during the VMAs next week!”

As for the Madonna Pepsi commercial, she used it to debut the song “Like a Prayer” as part of a $5 million deal with Pepsi, marking the first time that kind of cross-promotion had been attempted. 

The next day, she released the actual music video for “Like a Prayer,” which featured images of burning crosses, and Madonna kissing a Black saint. The video caused so much controversy — with even Pope John Paul II urging Italian fans to boycott Madonna — that Pepsi dropped the singer, reportedly allowing her to keep the $5 million.

Pepsi has also posted to its YouTube channel three other iconic videos: Tina Turner‘s 1986 “Taste for Pepsi” spot, Robert Palmer‘s 1989 “Simply Irresistible” ad and the truly legendary Ray Charles commercial from 1991, whose tagline, “You got the right one, baby!” became a popular catchphrase.

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