Britney Spears is “embarrassed as hell” after wardrobe malfunction

Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction while in Mexico and says she’s “embarrassed as hell.”

In video obtained by Page Six, Britney, her security guard and a female friend are seen on Sunday dancing outside a bar in Cabo San Lucas. As she dances, one of the sleeves of her red dress slips off her shoulder and very nearly exposes her breast. She kept on dancing, then adjusted her dress.

Britney then posted a still of the incident and wrote, “I’m embarrassed as hell !!! Like a lost idiot I heard music and horns from my car  !!!I walked in like a deer in headlights and had no idea I was being recorded from all sides !!!”

“I’m only human and I have no idea what the hell is going on with my hair,” she continued, referring to her messy bun. “But I made a pit stop in Mexico !!!”

Britney then noted she was “headed to Italy” to eat her “favorite spaghetti and meatballs,” adding, “I know the owner there so hopefully he can get me in through the back door  !!!”

It’s seems odd that Britney would be embarrassed, considering the many nude photos she’s posted on her Instagram, but perhaps it’s because she was caught unawares.

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