See 10-year-old Dua Lipa in unearthed photos from singer’s scrapbook

Joe Maher/Getty Images

Some kids go from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans, but Dua Lipa has just proven that she’s always been adorable.

The singer has posted a series of images from a scrapbook she made when she was 10 years old, including a photo of herself look extremely cute, and a pass from her school visit to the BBC Broadcasting House in London in September 2005. In an entry about the visit, she writes that she and her classmates made their “own radio dramas,” and noted that they arrived at “approximately 10:00 sharp.”

Also included are some paper doll fashion designs, along with photo booth stickers of herself and some friends.

Patti Smith, who wrote the book that Dua has chosen for her Service95 September Book Club selection, commented on the photo, “The same enchanting face.” Donatella Versace, who recently made Dua’s childhood fashion design dreams come true by tapping her to co-design a collection, commented, “So cuuuuuteeeee.”

“Finally back home [in England] and found my scrapbook from when I was 10 years old with some pics, designs and school trips,” she captioned the images. “Swipe to see my timekeeping obsession ‘approximately 10:00 sharp.’”

“if someone had told me i’d be working with @bbcsounds on my @service95 podcast 18 years later I wouldn’t have believed it!!!” she continued. Season 3 of the podcast, featuring guests like Billie Eilish, drag queen Sasha Velour and singer/actor Troye Sivan, is available now.

The BBC Sounds account responded, “It’s been a pleasure supporting the brilliant conversations on this series!”

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