Demi Lovato unveiled as Anonymouse during ’The Masked Singer’ season 10 kickoff

Trae Patton / FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC

In a special premiere episode of The Masked Singer Season 10, Demi Lovato took everyone by surprise as she unveiled her identity after performing as the Anonymouse.

Clad in an oversized girl mouse costume with a studded leather jacket, the 31-year-old singer slowly took off her disguise as host Nick Cannon proclaimed, “Oh my god, the amazing Demi Lovato! One of the biggest stars in the world. Two-time Grammy-nominated multi-platinum sensation. Wow!”

Aside from Ken Jeong, turns out the show’s panelists — Nicole ScherzingerRobin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg — were all correct in pegging Anonymouse as the pop-rock singer even before the grand unmasking.

Following the reveal, Cannon questioned Lovato about her decision to join the show, to which she replied, “I wanted to do your show because it seemed so fun. And it has been so fun. And I get to sing, so it’s the best of both worlds.”

Turning Scherzinger, Thicke, and McCarthy Wahlberg, Nick asked the trio how they were able to correctly guess it was the Texas-native’s identity and the answer was simple. 

“That voice,” Jenny said.

The panelists praised Demi’s exceptional vocal talent, with Thicke commending her as “one of the great voices and talents of any generation.”

Clearly delighted, Demi expressed her gratitude for the experience, acknowledging the kind words from the panel and the electric energy of the audience. 

The Masked Singer season 10 kicks off September 27 on Fox. 

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