Sophie Turner wants kids returned to England, says she learned Joe Jonas was divorcing her through the media

Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer/GC Images

It looks like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s divorce might get messy.

According to documents obtained by ABC News, Sophie has filed a request to have Joe return their two daughters to their “forever home” in England. In them, she accuses Joe of “wrongful retention” of the children, starting “on or about” September 20.

Specifically, Sophie is claiming that Joe refused to give their daughters’ passports to her after he, according to the documents, agreed that the kids would return with her to her home country of England on September 17.  He’s also allegedly refusing to consent to the children returning to England, period.

This action, Sophie says, is a breach of her rights of custody under English law as England is the children’s “habitual residence.” The documents reveal that during Christmas 2022, Sophie and Joe decided that they’d look for their “forever home” in England and settle their family there.

They did so in April of 2023, according to the documents, and since then, the children have attended school and participated in extracurricular activities there. Sophie says that when Joe filed for divorce, he claimed the kids had lived in Florida — where the family used to live — for six months prior to the filing. Sophie says this is incorrect as they’ve lived in England since April of 2023.

Also of note, part of the documents says “the breakdown of the parties’ marriage happened very suddenly.” It claims that after Sophie and Joe argued on August 15, Joe filed for divorce on September 1, but Sophie only found out September 5 “through the media.”

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