Check out the “priceless” blinged-out anniversary gift Justin Bieber’s wife got for him

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They said it wouldn’t last, but Justin and Hailey Bieber have been married for five years — which is as good an excuse as any to splash out some serious bling. And the jeweler who designed said bling for Hailey to give to Justin for their anniversary is now showing it off on Instagram.

New York jewelry designer Alex Moss, who’s created pieces like a $12.5 million chain for rap superstar Drake, has opened up to GQ about Hailey’s commission for Justin: two jewel-encrusted mushroom pendants. One is blue and one is yellow, and each has five large stones on it, representing the years the couple has been married.

“She was the one who suggested we create [mushroom pendants], something along these lines. And then, of course, I put my twist to it, and I designed the actual mushroom,” says Moss. 

He’s not sure why Hailey chose mushrooms, but he notes, “The stones that were used in this piece were the absolute highest quality … nothing else exists on the planet better than them … this is the top.”

Asked how much the pendants cost, Moss says, “Priceless, to be honest. To get an anniversary gift from Alex Moss, New York, custom designed — you can’t put a price on that. It’s a Bieber project.” 

He mentions he had a member of his team fly to LA and hand deliver the pendants to Hailey so they wouldn’t get lost.

So, did Justin like the gift? Moss says he doesn’t know, because he didn’t personally give it to him, but he brags, “If you go to look at his pictures on Instagram, he hasn’t taken the chain off.”

Moss also designed the bubble “B” necklace Hailey wears all the time.

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